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Crippled Christianity
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Class Action
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•The RX Gospel

•God's Garden, The Organic Gospel

About the Author

Demory Green has engaged in a variety of ministry activities including local churches, outreach (hospital chaplain services and follow-up for Billy Graham productions), and overseas missions (Phillippines, Peru and Russia). Read More.

I'm loving the book!  So much to meditate on- I'm rereading each page over and over. ;o))

It's so simple, but deep!!     D.


I found Mr. Green's book "Class Action" to be very engaging.  It is a Unique perspective of the path to salvation without the usual church dogma.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the church dogma, but wants to find out about salvation.  L.D. WeberD.


I have watched all of your programs through May 16th. Every one was sensational! Mr. Green was delightful! I am going to order a years subscription to your magazine and his book. I can't wait until the next video. Thanks to everyone who makes this program possible.  Hazel Kagey (to Prophecy Watchers)


I heard you on Sheila Zilinsky,

I just bought both of your books.  I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and I'm so glad that God has revealed what He has revealed to you!  I grew up in a church that  is still based on legalism. It has been quite a journey to find who Jesus really is,  to learn to ask for and trust the Holy Spirit, and to balance out new found gifts from the Lord and a call to spiritual warfare with my scientific mind and legalistic background. When I heard you share on her show, everything made so much sense,  I was so overjoyed to have some answers that made sense. It brought me a great deal of peace. God bless your work. 

Rebekah Panos (10/3/18)


I received the electronic copy and have already finished it. Couldn't put it down.  I have even a deeper revelation of the Bible now. Some I knew but it put more pieces together. It was challenging for me to read because there was so much substance. Probably will read it again. Thankyou, Jeanette Eads (5/22/17)