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Class Action
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About the Author

Demory Green has engaged in a variety of ministry activities including local churches, outreach (hospital chaplain services and follow-up for Billy Graham productions), and overseas missions (Phillippines, Peru and Russia). Read More.

Just Released!   Latest in the author's Keep It Simple Series.  

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Crippled ChristianityWorld events are shedding new light on prophecy and end-time events.

Jesus’ return is the subject of conversation for believer and non-believer alike.

Believers expectantly look for the rapture.
The world knows Armageddon is approaching.

But there is one underlying mystery, the first to be put in place ages ago,
and the last to be fully revealed before Jesus’ return and the Day of The Lord.

And this is the book, “Crippled Christianity, The Last Church Age Revelation”

- See the mystery the Apostle Paul wrote of.

- Why Christianity is so little understood, even among Christians.

- Find out a possible key to a last great revival.

- Know the hidden work of The Blood.

- Understand the conception of a believer.

- How understanding that conception arms you against the great deception.

- Find out what the 'giants' of Noah's day have to do with you today.  


Watch the discussion with Rev. Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers:

Watch the discussion with Lyn Leahz:

Listen in with Sheila Zilinsky from her August 22, 2018 show:

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 "Class Action", First in the author’s Keep It Simple Series.

Class Action Anyone who has ever been tired of do’s and don’ts, wondered about the purpose of life or wondered why ‘religion’ seems to always generate as much confusion as enlightenment needs to read Class Action.

Perhaps, “I don’t need all that religion stuff.” summarizes your outlook. You’re not alone – that’s likely the average. The author can tell you there was a day he said that. But he also found a mystery that needed solving.

In short, most ‘religious’ conclusions are formed on some foundations that are assumptions.

Put it all in a different framework – civil law instead of criminal law – and the difference will amaze you. Never again will you wonder if God is out to get you, watching for a slip-up.

Like many, the author grew up in church, but eventually came to the point of decision: Is there anything to impact me in the real world here? If not, why bother? Every religion, denomination and philosophy has a list of do’s and don’ts. Isn’t there some sense to it without the ‘religion’?

Yes, there is. Put it all in a different framework – without religion – and this is the outcome: a clear look through the door of the supernatural. The real picture is not the divine approval/rejection story we’ve heard, but a supernatural medical rescue!

Put a little more supernatural in your life!

Read this and what you want out of life will change. Why would you settle for less?